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Wisconsin Finishing

100% Employee-Owned

Established in 2013, Wisconsin Finishes is your local metal finisher. Our skilled technicians will give your parts the specialized attention you require. If you need a quick turn, we can deliver. High value parts you need to handle carefully? We will do that. If you have a large quantity run, we can make it happen too with our flexible workforce.

Our commitment to quality and consistent output is proven by our AS9100/ISO9001 certification. Following extensive auditing we are now on Raytheon’s approved Supplier List. When you come to Wisconsin Finishes, you can be assured you are getting the quality and care you are expecting, the first time and every time.

Wisconsin Finishes and Latitude Corp. are Green Businesses

Dedicated to protecting, preserving and Sustaining Our Environment

Wisconsin Finshes is making a concerted effort to reduce our impact on the environment by implementing sustainable practices into its processes through selection of chemicals methods, waste treatment and waste minimization. Throughout Wisconsin Finishes and Latitude Corp, we are committed to doing what is best for the environment, for example through a 50 kW photovoltaic solar system to supplement our energy demands, use of smart lighting, capture and re-use of oils and coolants and extensive metal recycling. Through these methods we are working together to shrink our carbon footprint and preserve the planet for future generations.